[Rhythmbox-devel] Remote Control

Just wondering if there is a way to remotely control Rhythmbox with an Android phone.  Something similar to the Apple Remote for the Iphone.  My wife has that installed on her iPhone and is able to control all the music on her computer via her phone she can control Itunes volume, play music on the computer, stream music on the computer, and is also able to play the music on her phone too.  I was wondering if you guys knew of something like that for the Android.  I have tried TunesRemote (wont connect) DAAP Media Player (only plays on the the phone no control of Rhythmbox) Andromote (wont connect)   If any of these can control do you know of a way to get them to connect to one another??  I have both DAAP and DLNA/UPnP enabled in Rhythmbox and firewalls turned off??

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