Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] feature request - load playlist into memory

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 11:58, Peter
<rhythmbox-devel maubp freeserve co uk> wrote:
> Did you think my iPod sync analogy made sense? i.e. The external
> HDD is the "main" library, which gets synced to the lower capacity
> internal HDD of the laptop/netbook.

As far as I understand the term, "sync" is something which is done actively.
 "precache N songs" is rather passive from a users point of view
whereas my "special folder" idea would be in fact similar to sync

> The idea of a new "cached play queue/playlist" (your "special
> folder") seems to me quite complex (both as a user, and to
> code).

The user would only drag and drop the playlist/files there, so thats
not more complex than filling a playlist
I don't know about the plugin system but my guess is that this could
be easily done as a plugin
Also from a developers point of view its a trivial feature let me just do it
okay, done in 12minutes, see end of mail
call  copyTmp(originalFilenAME) for each filename that enters the
special folder and use the returned filename instead afterwards
call deleteTmp for each filename thats deleted from the special folder
and for every file at program exit

> we tell if a second HDD is a removable HDD or not - and some
> power measurements would be needed to see if this actually
> saved power (or used more as the main HDD would be used
> more).

okay, let me also do the power measurement
okay its 3 at night so im not listening to music, my external drive is
not in use and does not vibrate
now let me copy something ... hmmm begins to vibrate ... vibration =>
disc rotation => more energy consumption

just as a sidenote: my personal main concerns was and still is that
something is dangling from my computer when all I want is to play a
playlist with 10 items


// pass the path to a file
// returns the filename to a temporary copy of that file
char* copyTmp(const char* original) {
	char* tmp = tmpnam(NULL); ile
	ifstream src(original);
	ofstream dst(tmp);
	dst << src.rdbuf(); // inefficient file copy
	return tmp;

// the file represented by a passed filehandle will be deleted
void deleteTmp(const char* filename) {

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