Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] In the Mood plugin thoughts

>>>>> "AB" == Alex Bennee  writes:

AB> On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 2:30 PM, eric casteleijn <thisfred gmail com> wrote:
>>> Collaboration is the open source way :-)
>>> I'll have a look. No point re-implementing stuff if I don;t have to.
>>> Any particular reason it's not been submitted for inclusion?
>> For one thing, I have no idea where to submit it, for another, the
>> rhythmbox version could use a little UI love first: for now most if not
>> all of the configuration options have to be done in code, which is
>> ridiculous, of course. Since I'm most interested in the Quod Libet
>> support, that tends to get the most attention. The rhythmbox port
>> started out as a proof of concept when I first thought of making the
>> plugin player independent. It really did turn out to work well though,
>> but it needs a little work to finish some details, and someone to keep
>> it up to date I guess.

AB> Fair enough. I'll wack your rhythmbox stuff into my tree (I'll put it
AB> on github) and see if I can clean up the UI and config for it. If I
AB> get somewhere I'm happy to push it through review and feedback from
AB> the rb devs.

At the minimum, you should open up a bugzilla bug and you can link the
blog post and/or post patches there.  That's the best way to get it on
the radar of rhythmbox developers.


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