Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] In the Mood plugin thoughts

Alex Bennee wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 2:30 PM, eric casteleijn <thisfred gmail com> wrote:
>>> Collaboration is the open source way :-)
>>> I'll have a look. No point re-implementing stuff if I don;t have to.
>>> Any particular reason it's not been submitted for inclusion?
>> For one thing, I have no idea where to submit it, for another, the
>> rhythmbox version could use a little UI love first: for now most if not
>> all of the configuration options have to be done in code, which is
>> ridiculous, of course. Since I'm most interested in the Quod Libet
>> support, that tends to get the most attention. The rhythmbox port
>> started out as a proof of concept when I first thought of making the
>> plugin player independent. It really did turn out to work well though,
>> but it needs a little work to finish some details, and someone to keep
>> it up to date I guess.
> Fair enough. I'll wack your rhythmbox stuff into my tree (I'll put it
> on github) and see if I can clean up the UI and config for it. If I
> get somewhere I'm happy to push it through review and feedback from
> the rb devs.
> If I avoid messing with the core files and just concentrate on the
> rhythmbox plugin stuff would there be any problems pushing them into
> the src tree?
> Keeping up to date would then just be a sync issue.

Awesome: Unless you just want to have a look at the code, I would wait
until I at least wrap up some issues that arise from a major refactoring
in the 'core' plugin, which I hope to do later tonight. I will mail you
off list when that's done, if that's alright.

The plugin currently does need some manual setup, that's either dead
simple (copying the files to the right place) if you don't want to use
the mirage acoustic analysis stuff, or a little more involved, if you do
(installing the C part of mirage, and some other dependencies like
scipy) which may not be appropriate to automate for something that is in
the end just a plugin.

I'll be glad to help though, and to add/improve documentation where
things are unclear.

- eric casteleijn

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