Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] In the Mood plugin thoughts

> Collaboration is the open source way :-)
> I'll have a look. No point re-implementing stuff if I don;t have to.
> Any particular reason it's not been submitted for inclusion?

For one thing, I have no idea where to submit it, for another, the
rhythmbox version could use a little UI love first: for now most if not
all of the configuration options have to be done in code, which is
ridiculous, of course. Since I'm most interested in the Quod Libet
support, that tends to get the most attention. The rhythmbox port
started out as a proof of concept when I first thought of making the
plugin player independent. It really did turn out to work well though,
but it needs a little work to finish some details, and someone to keep
it up to date I guess.

> The next problem is figuring out a way to generate playlists on my
> Rockbox player. I assume some sort of precalculation needs to be done.
> However this is a problem for later.

I also have code for that, although that's only a Quod Libet plugin for
now. Have a look at basically it takes a list of
songs, and puts them in the "ideal" order. I then export that as a
playlist, or burn it to a CD, or whatever, by using what's already in
Quod Libet. Should be trivial to make into a rhythmbox plugin I think.

- eric casteleijn

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