[Rhythmbox-devel] [Idea]Preferentially play track from HDD than stream

Hi all,
I've expounded upon this idea on #rhythmbox on GIMPNet before,and this
is a repetition,more or less.

My idea is to be able to read the metadata of the next track to be
played in a stream,and search the RB library for matches.If
matched,then remove the particular track from the stream and play the
file preferentially from the hard disk,for two reasons:

1]Will save bandwidth and
2]Tracks on disk will usually have higher bit rates,and thus
quality,than streamed tracks because of copyright restrictions on
Internet radio stations,and also because tracks on a hard disk have
been personally ripped by the music aficionado,and no sane person
would rip at anything lower than the quality provided by the CD,or at
the least,will rip at bitrates close to the experience provided by

I plan to start off from Last.FM streams first,and expand later to
ShoutCast,which as moch and bow^znc kindly pointed out on IRC,is quite
difficult.Also,I would need a bit of help being a newbie programmer
starting with Python as his first language. :)

Registered Linux user #442065

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