Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox - IPOD use case

>  Up to now rhythmbox tried to synchronize the computers view
> with the target ipod complaining if you just want to __extend__ with
> parts of a foreign Music collection not synchronize.

Rhythmbox never had support for synchronization to an ipod, so I'm not
really sure what you are attempting to do and why it doesn't work. I
regularly use my ipod with 3 different linux distros (2 on the same
computer, one on a totally different computer) to add new songs to it
and never encountered the kind of problems you describe.

> So what I have now:
> - My "normal" account has "flac".
> - A different account converts "flac" to "mp3" in a different HOME
>  environment.
> - The ipod is maintained by this secondary account to:
>  - not have flacs on the ipod
>  - not have mp3   on the Music directory where "flacs" are already
>    there
> This is clumsy!

That's not what I meant. I suggested to use sound-juicer to *check* if
everything is setup properly (ie if your computer can encode to mp3).
Once this is done, rhythmbox should be able to transparently convert
from flac to mp3 with no intervention from you. This worked for me the
few times I mistakenly ripped to ogg instead of mp3 and was wondering
why the copy to the ipod was taking so long (rb was transcoding the
oggs to mp3s).


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