[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox - IPOD use case

Hi Everybody,

I bought my IPOD by mistake (I do like the HW design, more and more hate
the SW), however, after running rhythmbox on it a could think of a new

What I'd like to see is:

1) (amarok inspired): no interrelationship between different computers
and target (MP3 Player)

   => iTunes and Rhythmbox are wrong in the sense that they argue 
      the illusion of comfort because of the interrelationship between 
      the ONE computer and the player

   This illusion is wrong and plays for $$ SHOPS

   => I would like to download to IPOD target from where ever I am
      and paid for service independent of the backing computer
      e.g. Home Computer summarizing MY CDs
           Company Environment for shared buyings
           Laptop for own offerings
           - worked on my Laptop last summer pulling in some CDs
	     all other (located on my main computer) where killed by

2) (this is my idea):
   => save the Music in arbitrary format (OCC in my case)

   => automatically translate it to whatever the target (player) 
	is capable of storing.

   So here is what I'm currently doing:

   * Download CD to computer in OGG or alike 
	(goal: backup without lossage)

   * Convert OGG => MP3 (sound-convert)

   * Burn the (alternative directory) to IPOD

   What I'd like:

   * Download CD to arbitrary format

   * Burn it to IPOD transparantly (converting from OGG -> MP3

   This would be real cook, n'est pas?


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