Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox - IPOD use case


2008/11/17 Klaus Reichl <Klaus_Reichl chello at>:
>   => iTunes and Rhythmbox are wrong in the sense that they argue
>      the illusion of comfort because of the interrelationship between
>      the ONE computer and the player

I'm not sure why you say that with rhythmbox the ipod is associated
with a single computer ? How is rhythmbox different from amarok in
this area ?
>   * Download CD to computer in OGG or alike
>        (goal: backup without lossage)

Fwiw, ogg (vorbis) is a lossy format, you want flac if you want some
lossless storage

>   What I'd like
>   * Download CD to arbitrary format
>   * Burn it to IPOD transparantly (converting from OGG -> MP3
> on-the-fly).

Rhythmbox already does the transparent conversion. Maybe you don't
have a gnome media profile set up to encode to mp3 ? The easiest might
be to setup sound-juicer so that it can rip to mp3, then rhythmbox
will be able to use that configuration to transcode from ogg to mp3.

Hope that helps,


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