Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Right mouse button click

On 19/02/2008, Mika Wahlroos <mpw iki fi> wrote:

> Christian, thanks for the link. I'll investigate it further when I have
> a better chance but at first sight it may not be exactly the same
> problem I've seen. Something similar to what Thomas reported is also
> happening on my system, and only in Rhythmbox, not in Nautilus or any
> other application as far as I've seen.

Okay, I have played with the gtk theme settings according to Christian's post.
I have noticed that the right click issue appears on my system if I
set the "controls" property of the gtk theme to "Glossy", "Clearlooks"
and derived themes.
Others, e.g. "Crux" or "ThinIce" do not suffer from this problem.

But also, just like with Mika's system, it affects only RB, no other
gtk app I have checked so far. It even does not affect all parts of
RB. For example when a song is playing, a right click on the song name
right above the position slider opens the "cut-copy-paste-etc."
context menu which behaves totally normal.

Is this maybe some timeout issue when some themes take longer to
render the context menu than others? The gtk signal  that an entry of
the contect menu has been selected must be generated erroneously. Does
somebody have a spontaneous idea where this might happen? We might be
able to trace it back with gdb and see where it originates.


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