Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Plugins

Alexandre ha scritto:
Hi there,

I've seen the LastRhythm plugin, but all I have now are ideas and a few sample code. I'm not sure where it will go, and how much it will differ from LastRhythm (it will not be the same, that's for sure). If you are interested, I have done a plugin that automatically gets a similar song of the one playing and puts that in the queue. It uses <> and is availiable somewhere in the Wiki or the mailing-list (sorry I cant find it from you, I'm not at home). It is not well tested and I havent developed it further, but you can try it and if you find any bugs I can fix them.

About Rhythmbox blocking with LastRhythm, that should'nt happen. I've done a few plugins getting information from the internet, and none of them had to block the UI. That is probably a problem in LastRhythm. I will take a look if I can help it in anyway.


Hi Alexandre,

thanks for you reply and involvement in the project (that's a think that unfortunately I can't directly do, since I'm just a "curious user").

The plugin you mean I think is lastfm_queue, that I'm already using all that time (and I'd like
to see in /trunk).

About your contribution, I hope, sorry, I'm sure you'll create a fantastic plugin, and I'm waiting for it (I know, it's stupid, but since rb is my most used software I want to do everything with it... also playing guitar - I think someone wanted to add guitar tabs some weeks ago... )!

Anyway, right now I'm testing "get new plugin" and I'll give quick a feedback.

Thanks again.

enjoy, ;)

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