Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Right mouse button click


Thomas Zander schrieb:
I am tracking RB from svn. For a few weeks now, right mouse clicks on
library entries behave differently than before. Old behaviour was:
Right click opens the context menu, the right button can be released,
one selects an item from the menu (e.g. add to play queue), clicks
left and the context menu is closed.
New behaviour is: As soon as I release the right button (even after a
*very* short press), the context menu closes immediately and selects
the item that was last marked.

Was there a deliberate change to the way the context menu is suppose
to behave? If not, any ideas how to track down the culprit?
Did you change/update your GTK+ theme? There was a thread about a similar issue on the nautilus list[1].




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