Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Right mouse button click


Christian Becke wrote:
> Thomas Zander schrieb:
>> New behaviour is: As soon as I release the right button (even after a
>> *very* short press), the context menu closes immediately and selects
>> the item that was last marked.
> Did you change/update your GTK+ theme? There was a thread about a 
> similar issue on the nautilus list[1].

Christian, thanks for the link. I'll investigate it further when I have
a better chance but at first sight it may not be exactly the same
problem I've seen. Something similar to what Thomas reported is also
happening on my system, and only in Rhythmbox, not in Nautilus or any
other application as far as I've seen.

I was also wondering if it has something to do with the gtk theme as
mine probably isn't a very common one, but I don't think the change in
behaviour happened when I changed the theme. Instead, I had kept the
same theme for a while and the behaviour seemed to change when I
compiled myself a new build from an svn snapshot. Furthermore, changing
the theme to something else didn't have any immediate effect.

Interestingly, that doesn't seem to happen with a different user account
on my system when running the same build of Rhythmbox, so it seems to
have at least something to do with per-user settings. Nevertheless, the
first occurrence of the behaviour seemed to be triggered by the new
build, not by a change in the settings. I have yet to try wiping the RB
configuration and starting out fresh.

I'd also be curious to find out more about this matter.


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