Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Right mouse button click

If you select a menu entry very quickly in the context menu and let go,
it will be selected. (say, if you do all of that in one 'clicking
motion')  I'm using a murrine based theme, but, that's the experience
I've had on other themes too.


On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 10:15 +0900, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On 19/02/2008, Mika Wahlroos <mpw iki fi> wrote:
> > Christian, thanks for the link. I'll investigate it further when I have
> > a better chance but at first sight it may not be exactly the same
> > problem I've seen. Something similar to what Thomas reported is also
> > happening on my system, and only in Rhythmbox, not in Nautilus or any
> > other application as far as I've seen.
> Okay, I have played with the gtk theme settings according to Christian's post.
> I have noticed that the right click issue appears on my system if I
> set the "controls" property of the gtk theme to "Glossy", "Clearlooks"
> and derived themes.
> Others, e.g. "Crux" or "ThinIce" do not suffer from this problem.
> But also, just like with Mika's system, it affects only RB, no other
> gtk app I have checked so far. It even does not affect all parts of
> RB. For example when a song is playing, a right click on the song name
> right above the position slider opens the "cut-copy-paste-etc."
> context menu which behaves totally normal.
> Is this maybe some timeout issue when some themes take longer to
> render the context menu than others? The gtk signal  that an entry of
> the contect menu has been selected must be generated erroneously. Does
> somebody have a spontaneous idea where this might happen? We might be
> able to trace it back with gdb and see where it originates.
> Riggs
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