[Rhythmbox-devel] Questions regarding DAAP library split

I am very interested in finding a C DAAP/DPAP library and have some questions about the code in Rhythmbox.

1. The DAAP code was already once pulled out of Rhythmbox to create libdmapsharing [1]. However, this project seems to have stalled in the last two years. Is this project dead? If so, did the project die because the Canola media player now supports UPnP instead of DMAP?

2. Did anything come of the LGPL / GPL issue mentioned at [2]? Was Canola shipped in breach of the GPL? Is this why Canola 1 does not seem to be available anymore? Would it be possible to get the approval of the remaining contributors to relicense the code as LGPL? For the record, leaving it GPL is fine for my near-term work, but it would be nice to have an LGPL implementation available.

3. Is the rhythmbox project still interested in pulling its DAAP code into a separate library if this library is maintained?

4. Who wrote the DMAP/DPAP code for libdmapsharing? As far as I can tell by looking as the two projects' RCS's, Andre wrote the DMAP/DPAP- specific code and added it to the base he got from rhythmbox. However, the license on the code mentions Charles Schmidt.

5. Has anyone looked at adding the server side to libdmapsharing?



[1] http://libdmapsharing.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/libdmapsharing/ trunk/libdmapsharing/ [2] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/rhythmbox-devel/2007-February/ msg00002.html

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