Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Preferences feature request


Edgar Luna wrote:
> Given that the last song in the queue is called "s" and it comes from
> source called "S" (this is, the user went to that playlist or to the
> library and selected the song there), after queue is played always
> play S[s+1]. No matter which S is, forget in which source rhythmbox
> was before starting playing queue, just play S[s+1] or another opiton
> which seems odd to me is play S[1], the first song in the same source
> of the last song in the queue.

The proposed behavior would break the way I am using Rhythmbox. I really
like the party mode. Often I set up a playlist with some music for 2/3
hours. However, my guests may browse the library and pick up songs to be
played - they intuitively double-click the songs they like and so the
songs end up in the queue (well, party mode). So the queue is the
playground for my guests, they can do with it whatever they want to. But
the queue should not have any influence what to play when the queue is
empty - I always want my previous playlist to be played when my guests
don't feel like DJs anymore.

I would guess that most users expect the queue to have no influence on
the played source.

IMO, your (Edgar) requested feature ist not a queue thing, at least it
is more than just queuing songs. Actually it is in-advance arranging of
songs _and_ sources to play (including which song to start from in a

Maybe it is better to provide a plugin that allows you to do some
special arrangements of what to play when. Especially if you or other
users could imagine some further
"I-want-RB-to-play-things-exactly-in-that-way" situations which cannot
be realized with the queue.


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