Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Preferences feature request

On Monday 14 April 2008, Mika Wahlroos wrote:
> I use the play queue quite a lot, and I think the way I utilize it is
> almost exactly as an "interrupt the normal flow of play order", as you
> put it earlier.

same here. 

> [snip]

> This may be a highly personal use case, and if the majority thinks it's
> more useful and intuitive to do otherwise, maybe it should be that way.
> It's an interesting thought, so maybe discussion regarding that is in
> place. That kind of source switching probably wouldn't do well for my
> usual ways of using the software, though.

actually, personal use case or not, it's exactly how I use the Queue. If I 
want to interrupt my shuffled listening, I'll just que up an entire album...

> Doing some magic such as automagically skipping the track that was just
> played from the queue in case the same track also happens to be the next
> to play in the "normal" order of things might be worth thinking about.
> That might give some of the benefits of this kind of a system without
> changing the active source.

sounds interesting, but I'll let the devs decide whether it's worth the 

Anyway, an idea came to me while reading up on the current thread to 
accomodate the use case where you want to smoothly transition to another play 
source (which I can understand, too). If I'm playing shuffle from my library, 
then cue up a bunch of tracks and would like to then play $PLAYLIST 
unshuffled, how about queueing up the playlist? not putting everything into 
the cue but put the playlist item in there as a way of saying "this is what I 
want to play after the queue". Otherwise, have an option in the playlist's 
context menu to "play after current play queue" which could even change 
to "play after current track" if there is no play queue.

just my 2c.

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