[Rhythmbox-devel] Preferences feature request

Hi everyone

I have searched the mailing list archives for a similar request to which I am about to present, but have not found any.

My request, in short, concerns the ability to configure Rhythmbox to, when queueing songs, proceed playing songs from the position of the last queued song in the playlist, rather than from the position of the song manually played before making a play queue.

Since this may sound a bit confusing, here is a more in depth description of the problem.

The circumstances are the following: Rhythmbox is in the "non-shuffle-mode", my playlist consists out of eight songs -- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H -- appearing in the playlist in that exact order.

I double click on song B and Rhythmbox starts to play song B. I then add songs F, E and G to the play queue in that order. When Rhytmbox has finished played B, F, E and G it then jumps back in the playlist and plays the song after B (which is C).

The last scentence describes the behaviour in Rhythmbox that I would want to be able to configure. I would want Rhythmbox to be able to continue from the last played song (G), rather than the last one manually played (B).

Thanks for reading

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