Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Requests

>>>>> "GC" == Giovanni Cataldi  writes:

GC> Alex Lancaster ha scritto:
>> Eventually the alarm clock and lastrhythm may be integrated into
>> the official distribution, but they need to be downloaded
>> separately for now.

GC> I think it would be a good idea to include them straightly in
GC> svn. In fact, since a lot of people already use this development
GC> version of rhythmbox, they can easly contribute adding bugtracks,
GC> so that such plugins can be already included (maybe) in next
GC> release.

It would be useful to have them in SVN, but that's the rhythmbox
maintainer's (James Livingston's) call.  In general plugins aren't
always added immediately because the author may have requested to keep
it out of SVN for the time being; the code may need cleaning up to
meet coding/QA standards; or there isn't enough interest or resources
to maintain a given plugin (none of these things may be true in this
particular instance).

In the case of lastrhythm, it was only developed in the last week, but
not by one of the rhythmbox maintainers, and in the case of the alarm
clock plugin, the author had (I believe) originally requested to not
check it into (what was then) CVS until a possible bug in rhythmbox
was fixed.


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