Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature Requests

>>>>> "AF" == AP Fritts  writes:

AF> Hi!  I have not tried programming with GTK2 or Gnome, besides I am
AF> too busy with school to even consider trying.

AF> I still want to suggest 3 features: 

AF> 1) Alarm clock to start music at a specified time.  In Amarok (the
AF> KDE music player application), there is a plug-in script that
AF> handles this.  The plug-in lists every day of the week so you can
AF> set different alarm times for each day.

Check out the plugin at:


AF> 2) Integrate the song lyrics pop-up into the
AF> left panel or create another panel for it, but a window pop-up is
AF> annoying for some people (namely me :-D) 

Right-click on a track (whether playing or not), and select
properties, you'll see a Lyrics tab.  You don't need to use the window
pop-up at all.

AF> 3) Least important of the others: get suggestions from
AF> based on the music in your library - even if you don't have it.
AF> Maybe try to get to integrate into Rhythmbox so people can
AF> preview songs (and so that you don't have to do all of the work).

Somebody just developed the "lastrhythm" plugin for this:

Eventually the alarm clock and lastrhythm may be integrated into the
official distribution, but they need to be downloaded separately for


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