Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Python API question

>>>>> "TR" == Tim Retout  writes:


>> Oops, after creating the query mode you need to do a
>> "db.do_full_query_async_parsed (qm, query)". I've checked this
>> works by doing "qm.iter_n_children(None)" which reports that I have
>> 75 tracks matching the criteria.

TR> I've got the evaluate_query() example to run, but not yet got a
TR> query model to work... is that bit in SVN?

Yes I believe that was part of this commit (at least r4813 of SVN):

2007-02-13  James Livingston  <doclivingston...>

        * rhythmdb/rhythmdb-query.c: (rhythmdb_query_append_params):
          add new
        function which appends a single criteria to the query. Mostly
          for use
        by bindings.

        * rhythmdb/rhythmdb.h: The above, and replace GPtrArray with
        RhythmDBQuery in the header.

        * bindings/python/rhythmdb.defs:
        * bindings/python/rhythmdb.override: bind the new function,
        * and fix up
        some other bits.

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