Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Python API question

On Mon, 2007-02-12 at 02:08 +0100, Lars Strojny wrote:
> I've did a bit more research how to construct a custom query for the
> rhythmdb but now I'm stuck again. Here is what I've got:
> db = shell.get_property ('db')
> db.query_model_new(...)
> The problem is, that I don't know nothing about how to specify the
> arguments for query_model_new(). I do know which parameters I want to
> supply but that's all (rhythdb.PROP_ARTIST, rhythmdb.QUERY_PROP_LIKE and
> an string for the artist).
> It would be really cool if someone could show me a small snippet.

As Alex mentioned, this part of the bindings wasn't completed yet. I've
just committed most of it to SVN.

The most important new bit is the "query_append" method of
rhythmdb.RhythmDB objects. The first parameter is the rhythmdb.Query
object (created with db.query_new) that you want to append some criteria
to, and then you can pass any number of criteria tuples.

A criteria tuple is either "[rhythmdb.QUERY_DISJUNCTION]" to append a
disjunction (OR), "[rhythmdb.QUERY_SUBQUERY, query]" to append a
sub-query, or "[rhythmdb.QUERY_PROP_*, propid, value]" to do any of the
actual comparison operations.

For example, you can now do the following, which tells you if the
currently playing song is by The Living End:

db = shell.props.db
query = db.query_new()
db.query_append (query, [rhythmdb.QUERY_PROP_EQUALS,
rhythmdb.PROP_ARTIST, "The Living End"])
db.evaluate_query(query, shell.props.shell_player.get_playing_entry())

What you should be able to do is call "qm = db.query_model_new(query)"
to create a new query model with a given query. Creating it works fine
at the moment, but it doesn't actually put anything in the query model -
I'm planning to look into that tomorrow.

Sometime soon I'll probably finish the "query list collator" class I
started writing a while back, which simply returns a list of the entries
that match the query - useful for single-shot things.

If you have any suggestions for the API, particularly ways to make it
more "pythonic", please let me know.


James "Doc" Livingston
In God we Trust. All others must submit an X.509 certificate.

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