[Rhythmbox-devel] iPod Support and feature request: disable songs

Hi List,

so I've recently gotten an iPod nano, 2nd Generation, the Red one. I was
all fired up about RB iPod support until I found out it somehow doesn't
work for me. Last summer, I was perfectly able to copy music off a
friend's iPod, but that was before my system upgrade and a huge number
of cvs/svn builds of RB. Has something changed about how to configure RB
for iPod that I've missed or is the new nano just not supported yet?
gtkpod works fine for copying and stuff, so I currently use that. I
build RB with
./autogen.sh --with-ipod --with-playback=gstreamer-0-10 --enable-daap
--enable-tag-writing --enable-track-transfer

on another note, this morning, my RBAlarm Clock stumbled across Bryan
Adams - Something about Christmas Time. Granted, there's snow outside (I
live in Berlin), but I don't like to listen to christmas music in
February. So I modified my automatic playlist (I love auto-pl) to not
include songs with "christmas" in the title, which is kinda complicated,
I think. There used to be (don't know if still is) a checkbox next to
songs in iTunes, disabling or enabling playing those songs. I do have an
automatic playlist containing all my Christmas music, so I could open
that up and Ctrl-click on the checkbox to disable all christmas music
until the end of November or something...

Great app, like it more with every new build, and I do a lot of
those... :)

<ooze> ist eigentlich mal jemanden aufgefallen, dass amokl�er
ausschlie�ich windows einsetzen?

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