Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How hard is it to get attention from RB developers?


On 18/08/07, Tino Meinen <a t meinen chello nl> wrote:

> I guess you're referring to the email you sent to this list on July 6
> with the patch to show remaining time?
> I think it's always best to make a bug report and attach the patch to
> that report. Emails on mailing lists are generally quickly forgotten
> whereas bug reports at least never get lost.

Yes, because of a mail from James Livingston I received a while ago, I
always file a bugzilla report as well. This was the initial reason for
my mail...since they are still reported as 'unconfirmed' I have to
assume that nobody with commit privileges has taken a brief look at
them. And without feedback, it is a little hard to estimate if your
work is actually in accordance with the general project goals. Even
feedback like "We don't want your code here. It's crap. Go away." is
more helpful than nothing.

> There are always too few people reviewing patches. Maybe you could help
> reviewing other people's patches?

Sure, interested people can review others' patches, but at the end of
the day someone with commit access must decide if these patches go
mainstream or not. You can't remove this burden from the official
developers. And judging from most projects, developers want to know
what they commit and not simply approve some patch because a random
number of people he doesn't really know say it was good enough.


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