Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How hard is it to get attention from RB developers?

> Yes, because of a mail from James Livingston I received a while ago, I
> always file a bugzilla report as well. This was the initial reason for
> my mail...since they are still reported as 'unconfirmed' I have to
> assume that nobody with commit privileges has taken a brief look at
> them.

Dont' pay too much attention to the CONFIRMED vs UNCONFIRMED state of
bugs, most bugs go from UNCONFIRMED to FIXED even if there is a long
series of comments/reviews on the bug. You didn't give a link to your
bug report btw, that doesn't help people to go have a look at your
patch ;)
As for the lack of comments, I guess everyone is busy with other
stuff, which explains the lack of comments :-/ Asking on IRC what
people think about your code and mentioning the bug with the patch on
the list might be helpful, but unfortunately, you mostly have to be
patient while not giving up :-/ Yeah, that's suboptimal, I totally
understand your position and how you must feel :(


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