Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How hard is it to get attention from RB developers?

Op zaterdag 18-08-2007 om 14:46 uur [tijdzone +0800], schreef Thomas

Hello Thomas,

> I just wondered how long it usually takes between submitting a
> bugzilla report (including a fix for the problem) and a developer
> looking at it?
I guess it's anywhere between a couple of minutes and a couple of years.

> This is not intended to piss anyone off or to start a flame war. I
> know how busy developers are. It is just that, as far as I understand
> projects like this, contribution is a good thing, isn't it? And if you
> are literally waiting for months until (or if at all) someone with
> commit privileges chooses to talk to you about your patches, it's not
> easy to stay motivated in getting your code upstream.
I guess you're referring to the email you sent to this list on July 6
with the patch to show remaining time?

I think it's always best to make a bug report and attach the patch to
that report. Emails on mailing lists are generally quickly forgotten
whereas bug reports at least never get lost.

> Or is there a different objective? Are we supposed to develop plugins
> but not touch the existing code base at all?

No, although speaking in general, I imagine plugins find their way into
the code base more easily than patches to the mainline code base.

I understand the frustration people feel when they contribute something
and it is seemingly not recognised or even noticed.
However, there is no evil intent in that. Just lack of manpower.

There are always too few people reviewing patches. Maybe you could help
reviewing other people's patches?

P.S. I'm not a developer. I'm not representing the view of the Rhythmbox
developers here, just my personal view.

Tino Meinen

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