Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Transcoding while streaming to iTunes?

This, stupidly enough, is because we avoid using chunked transfer
encoding as iTunes can't seek properly if we do.  Otherwise, we could
probably set up a GStreamer transcoding pipeline fairly easily.

To me, it sounds like whatever transcoding is set up here might be the
same backend for transcoding before writing files to generic (incl.
ipod) audio players. (just a thought). However, in some sort of dialog,
the DAAP-Server setup and Generic Audio Player Plugin dialogs, resp.
there would have to be a switch to set the default bitrate, plus, the
transcoded mp3 shouldn't have a bitrate that appears to be higher than
the input ogg file.

As Jonathan mentioned, iTunes doesn't support chunked transfer encoding,
which makes doing this more difficult. If I understand correctly, we'd
have to transcode the entire file before sending it, which would mean
keeping several megabytes of data in memory - per DAAP client.

Is it not possible to transcode to disk and then stream from there?
Obviously, I wouldn't mind all my clients keeping around a small
working set of transcoded files as overhead on top of 50GB of music.
Actually, I wouldn't really mind doing that in memory either.  I
just stuck in an extra 512MB -- I have to use it for something.

As an alternative, is there some other client I can use on OSX that
will connect to a Rhythmbox share and play oggs?  I'm not committed
to using iTunes.

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