[Rhythmbox-devel] Transcoding while streaming to iTunes?

Hi everyone,

I just set up sharing in Rhythmbox on Ubuntu dapper.  Sure enough,
iTunes sees the share (cool!).  Then I hit a wall that many have
hit before me: I can only play mp3s, because xiph's ogg plugin
doesn't support ogg streams, only files.

Obviously, the solution is to transcode oggs and flacs on the fly.
Despite a lot of searching around, I wasn't able to find a good
discussion of this topic, even mention of whether it's currently
possible at all.

Thus my question: can I set up Rhythmbox so that iTunes can play
ogg files that are in the share?

By the way, I've been using Rhythmbox for a while now, and love it.
Thanks to all for a great program.


Craig S. Kaplan                         If civilization is to survive,
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