[Rhythmbox-devel] "syncing" two rhythmbox:es

Hi everyone!
Thanks to all developing this great player!
I have a problem I want to solve, and it might be possible with rhythmbox or changes might be needed.
I have two computer systems, both running gnome and have rhythmbox. Both systems have a shared network disk which is mounted at the same mount point. So when switching between the systems I want the rhythmbox playlist and currently playing song etc to follow to the other system.
I have done some experiments using a small app which transfers data between the systems and uses d-bus to update rhythmbox. But the d-bus interface does not have support for setting currently playing song, just next or prev. It's possible to modify playlists etc, but I see some limitations.
Anyone that has any good suggestions?
If I start modify rhythmbox, should I pass my patches somewhere, so anyone else can get use of them?

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