Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GUI mockup... let's get this sorted once and for all

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 00:06 +0000, Gareth Murphy wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 15:40 -0800, Michael Knepher wrote:
> > I think most of these small touches help clean up the interface. As far
> > as the Tango-ification of the icons, while I like the Tango icons better
> > than the old default ones, wouldn't it be better to have the icons
> > provided by the currently selected icon theme?
> Yes, that would of course be the proper solution, although it would
> require some more organisation and collaboration between music apps and
> the Tango-project in order to get a music app category into the
> icon-naming-specification, if this is at all possible.

The icons for playlists (normal and auto), the library, radio, etc are
all gotten from gnome-icon-theme. The only icons RB includes are the
rating stars, the podcast icon and the application/tray icon.

However I believe that most of the ones we currently use in g-i-t aren't
in the icon-naming spec. This was brought up a while back on
gnome-desktop-devel, however I don't think anyone actually sorted out
what was happening there, and if the icons would remain in g-i-t.

James "Doc" Livingston
If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not for you.

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