Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GUI mockup... let's get this sorted once and for all

Hi Gareth,

Interesting ideas and good things to discuss However, I think Jack has a pretty good point. A few comments inline.

Gareth Murphy wrote:
On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 17:49 +0000, Jack Miller wrote:

All in all, I think it looks cool, but while the album art is cool,
pushing the queue down to three songs essentially makes it useless, in
my opinion. Also, any scaling down (i.e. not running RB full screen,
like I do in ion3) would cramp something *somewhere*, either cramp the
song list or the queue or the image, something gets pinched.

Show me a way around this and I'd be totally down for this.

Yeah this has been on my mind too, although you should also remember

(a) the qeued songs list will automatically get a scrollbar when the
contents are greater than available space, so it's not that much of a
problem when you also consider...

Scrollbars pretty much suck. If you can't see about, say, 7 items at once then scrollbars really don't help you.

(b) The sources list is usually smaller than that, I purposely included
as many sources as possible to show the Tango icons off.

I don't think this is true at all. Most people with iTunes that I know of have a huge source list full of playlists. Let's do an informal survey:

(c) The sidebars are all re sizable, so you could make the qeued songs
box larger for the moments you wanted to browse the qeued songs...
sounds suboptimal I know, but think about it, it really isn't a bad

Resizing issues become a real pain when you have three panes. Look at evolution calendar as an example. And not always showing the queue list makes it kind of pointless - you may as well use the Queue source instead of sidebar.

(d) Very few people use screen resolutions of under 1024x768 or even
1280x1024 these days, and most of those run rhythmbox fullscreen when
browsing etc. and simply minimise it to the notification area when
listening... so potentially this is a non-issue for the majority of
people anyways, and the others always have points (a) - (c) ;)

I don't think this is true. One obvious counter-example is any portable device. Making assumptions about screen size and font size is generally not so good. Here's one of my personal metrics: the UI should be perfectly usable with a 28 pt font. This ensures that people with vision impairment can use it and it also kinda makes sure it can be used on small devices.

Past versions of Rhythmbox have failed this test. Really only recently has it passed. It is interesting to note that iTunes totally fails in this regard as well. Some parts of iTunes seem to use a fixed font size that can't be changed - or at least it isn't obvious.

So anyway, I think there are a few interesting problems if we want to add album art as a sidebar pane.


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