Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Patches for discussion

It was mentioned earlier in the thread that the primary was where
songs from an ipod and songd ripped from CD would go.

Joel D.

On 22/02/06, Peter Colijn <pcolijn gmail com> wrote:
> On 2/22/06, Joel Duggan <joelduggan gmail com> wrote:
> > - The primary location would have the tag {Primary} after the path in
> > the listbox.
> Why do we need a primary location? Why not just a set of locations? It
> seems to me that in this context having a primary location may serve
> to confuse users. At least the UI you suggest does not indicate how
> the primary location differs from the others, so as a user I wouldn't
> really know what the consequences of "Make primary" would be or why I
> would want to do it. So it seems to be a feature in search of
> motivation, rather than the other way around.
> > - Watched locations would have the tag {Watched} after the path in the listbox.
> > Buttons Uses:
> > Add - Add a directory with options to watch and/or make primary in same dialog.
> > Remove - remove selected path from list (if primary is removed pick
> > first in list to be new primary)
> Fair enough.
> > Edit - dialog to edit path and watch option of selected path.
> Could just make the entries editable in-line.
> > Make Primary - Makes selected path the primary library location.
> Wouldn't be needed without a primary location, obviously.
> Just my 2 (Canuck) cents :)
> Have fun,
> Peter

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