Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI Improvements

On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 16:47 -0500, Jonathan Skulski wrote:
> 1) The highlighed links in RB that open up a page to I think
> this is unnecessary, rarely used or wanted. I think a better option
> would to be to center on the artist, album in the browser or center
> the current song if a playlist.  

> 2) Could we sort artists like iPod. So The Beatles will be placed in
> the B's, not the T's

This has been suggested plenty of times before, however there is a big
issue: internationalisation.

If we make sorting ignore "a" and "the" should it also do so for
languages other than English?

If so, what do we do for "die"? because "Die Happy" should be sorted as
D, and "Die Ãrtze" should be sorted as A.

If not, what happens when we run into the opposite problem of "the"
being a word in a different language, that should be sorted with T?

We can't do this depending on the user's language, because it won't work
if they are multi-lingual or have songs that are from something other
than their main language. The only real solution would be to use
MusicBrainz's sort tags, which we don't do yet.


James "Doc" Livingston
Only wimps use tape backup: _real_ men just upload their important stuff
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