[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: compiling rhythmbox

>>>>> "MK" == Matt Kowalczyk  writes:

MK> Hello, I just downloaded rhythmbox and I am trying to
MK> compile it.  I get the following error:

MK> checking for IPOD... checking for GSTREAMER_0_8... checking for
MK> GSTREAMER_0_10... configure: error: GStreamer not found, or older
MK> than version 0.8.2/0.9.7

MK> I have gstreamer installed:

MK> $ rpm -qa | grep gstreamer gstreamer-0.8.11-0.gst.1.4
MK> gstreamer-plugins-mp3-0.8.8-0.lvn.1.4
MK> gstreamer-plugins-0.8.11-0.gst.1.4
MK> gstreamer-tools-0.8.11-0.gst.1.4 gstreamer-devel-0.8.11-0.gst.1.4

MK> Do you know what the problem might be, or lead me in the right
MK> direction.

MK> Thanks, Matt

I think you might need the gstreamer-plugins-devel package.


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