Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

> "Structured" doesn't matter. "Convenient" is more important. Is iTunes
> interface convenient? (They promissed me a mac laptop, soon I'll find
> out for myself).

I don't think convenience can be used as an argument here. The buttons
would only be moved a few pixels =)

Moving the button would break the iTunes feel, but bring in Gnome
consistency. A real status bar have been added to Rhythmbox lately, so
perhaps it might make sense...?

> > The bar below the toolbar should be song specific, meaning it should
> > only contain: song name, artist, album and duration slider.
> And the album cover :-)

How could I forget the album cover?=)

> If the play button was a toggle button there would be no need in pause button.

That's a good point actually! Then it would be play/not play. Sort of
a music On/Off switch.

> I do find mysterious play/pause/stop button somewhat weird.

I would say a stop button only make sense on hardware.

> Again. media player is just not the tool for the task. The non linear
> video editor or some VJing tool would have all the control you need to
> find the particular frame in the video without having to wreck your
> wrists.

I don't see why not. Having one button is convenient.

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