Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

On 05/11/05, Martin Jeppesen <d2xdt2 gmail com> wrote:
> If Rhythmbox wants to have structured interface, then is the toolbar a
> step in the right direction!

"Structured" doesn't matter. "Convenient" is more important. Is iTunes
interface convenient? (They promissed me a mac laptop, soon I'll find
out for myself).

> I only say a step in the right direction, because all global buttons
> should be in the toolbar, before it would make sense, i.e. Hide
> Browser and the Volume Control most be in the toolbar as well.

Hide/show browser is good next to the browser - it's a part of browser
conceptually and mouse doesn't have to travel long from/to browser.

> The bar below the toolbar should be song specific, meaning it should
> only contain: song name, artist, album and duration slider.

And the album cover :-)

> > The latest patch also splits the play, pause and stop actions into
> > separate buttons, which will warrant some discussion.
> I know the HIG doesn't like the current way, but here would I say lies
> a bug in the HIG. The play/pause button in Rhythmbox is no different
> from a checkbox or a toggle button.

If the play button was a toggle button there would be no need in pause button.

I do find mysterious play/pause/stop button somewhat weird.

> Having one button for play/pause is very useful when searching for
> something in a song! I use it when I am writing guitar tabs. Here I
> can listen to a few seconds, pause, write down the tabs, and play
> again.


I find sweep more convenient for music transcription: you can visually
select the bit you want to transcribe, you can loop that bit, you can
also slow down the loop (changing the pitch in integral number of
semitones - good to train you transposing skills (isn't that difficult
with guitar tabs))


> Actually having separated play/pause buttons in a movie player is much
> worse than a music player! If you are searching for a specific frame
> in a movie, you can do that by pressing the play/pause button fast.
> With separated buttons this is impossible!

Again. media player is just not the tool for the task. The non linear
video editor or some VJing tool would have all the control you need to
find the particular frame in the video without having to wreck your

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