[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Breakdown #1

This is the 1st issue of the Rhythmbox Breakdown. It's main goal is to
impersonate Wine Weekly News, but also serves to inform you of what's
happening in the world of Rhythmbox.

This will hopefully become a regular posting, that lets everyone know
the latest juicy gossip. For those who read the rhythmbox-devel mailing
list it will give a summary of activity, and provide information about
things that haven't (yet) been discussed on the list. For those who
don't read rhythmbox-devel, it will let you know all the cool stuff that
we've been up to.

Road to 0.9.2

Since 0.9.1 came out there has been discussion about getting Rhythmbox
back onto regular releases. The plan is to make a 0.9.x release
approximately monthly, which should provide a balance between getting
new features and improvements out to everyone, and being fairly stable.
This puts us just over half way to the next version, so CVS shouldn't
see any big new features landing before 0.9.2, but will get more polish,
smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Summary of changes since 0.9.1

There have been quite a few features that have been committed in CVS
since 0.9.1 was released, some of which have been in development for
quite a while.

Podcast Support: Thanks to the initial work by Renato Araujo, and
improvements by variety of people, we now have support for downloading
and listening to podcasts. As the 'net isn't a nice place to visit,
there are probably podcast feeds that we don't handle properly. So
everyone should subscribe to lots of podcasts, and tell us when they
don't work.

Audio CD Support: The patch for audio CD support by James Livingston
that has been evolving for the past few months has been committed to
cvs. As well as playback, it also does metadata lookup via MusicBrainz
with code borrowed from Sound-Juicer. It doesn't do ripping yet, but
probably will at some point in the future.

AudioScrobbler Track Submission: Rhythmbox has gained native support for
submitting the tracks you play to AudioScrobbler (last.fm), thanks to a
patch by Ruben Vermeersch. It's not enabled by default, but pass
--enable-audioscrobbler to configure, put your username/password in the
preferences window and sit back and enjoy.

Bugs of the week

There are several bugs that need discussion amongst the wider community,
or have patches that need testing before they can be committed. Please
try them out and start some discussion or report success/failure on the

Bug 312122 (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=312122)

Currently a lot of the areas where Rhythmbox is perceived to be slow is
not due to the database backend, as a lot of people suspect, but in fact
due to Rhythmbox trying to figure out the best size for all the entry
view columns.

This patch fixes that by making GTK not measure all the strings to
auto-size the columns. The reason it hasn't been committed is that it
might cause issues for some locales. In particular the date columns
might be too thin in locales where the date-time isn't of the format
"1/2/2005 12:34", or locales that use non-Arabic numerals. If you use
such a locale, please test the patch and report whether the columns look
okay or not.

Bug 140355 (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=140355)

Rhythmbox currently doesn't support authenticated gnome-vfs mounts that
require user intervention, and trying to use them will hang or crash
Rhythmbox. Because of this Rhythmbox disabled access to anything that
gnome-vfs considers remote, even ones that don't require user
intervention, such as sftp when using keys.

The patch adds support for using gnome-vfs mounts that require
authentication, such as a password or giving Rhythmbox access to the
keyring. While this would be great to get into cvs, it will need
considerable testing to ensure it doesn't break anything.

Bug 316238 (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=316238)

Toolbars are a good way of letting users find functionality, without
having it buried in menus, and also be convenient to access. The patch
attached to this bug moved the playback controls to a toolbar, along
with the shuffle/repeat controls (currently in the status bar) and some
other commands.

The latest patch also splits the play, pause and stop actions into
separate buttons, which will warrant some discussion.

That's it for the first issue, so go download cvs head, break it and
file bugs. Also remember to try out the patches and see what you think
of them.

James "Doc" Livingston <jrl ids org au>

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