[Rhythmbox-devel] My Rhythmbox Hacking ToDo

G'day everyone,

The recent discussion about the queue has gotten my inspired to do some
hacking on Rhythmbox to try to fix some one the things that have been
annoying me recently. As Johnathan seems to have the queue under
control, I though I'd grab a couple of things off my "Things to do when
I stop being lazy" todo list. Some of these are fairly trivial, and some
are larger projects.

I'm planning to start having a go at some of this in the next few days
so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/whetever let me know. Especially
any of the following

1) Someone has done this and I forgot/didn't know about it
2) Reasons why it isn't a good idea, or better ideas on how to do
3) Any ideas that you have for future features that might affect how I
should go about any of them.

So on to my list of Things That I Think Would Be Nice(tm)

* Being able to sort playlists. Not being able to do this is
particularly annoying with large automatic playlists (e.g. my
"Australian Music" one again); trying to find one song in a list of 600
that has no real ordering is frustrating. The best way would probably be
to allow clicking on the column headers (like the library), but a "Sort
by X" in the playlist editing dialog would be enough. [Now that I think
about if you could do one, the other would be trivial]

* Adding a scrollbar to the automatic playlist editing dialog (the above
mentioned playlist has ~40 criteria, and doesn't fir on screen).

* As mentioned ~2 months ago - using the playlist you right clicked on
for the popup menu, not the one that is selected.

* Adding a "new playlist" item to the popup menu when a playlist is
clicked. People who have no whitespace left have a lot of playlists and
may add new one more often.

* Allowing you to have more complicated playlist conditions than a
simple A and B and C, or A or B or C. I don't think it'd be that hard to
do, but designing a UI that makes sense could be very difficult. A
possible simpler version could allow conditions of the type "Is in
playlist A" and "Isn't in playlist B"; although this could lead to nasty
circular references (urgh).

* Allowing you to use the browser/search box in playlists.

* Allowing you to drag an Artist/Album/Genre into an automatic playlist,
and have it ask you whether you want to add it as a criteria (this makes
less sense with "And" playlists). Also being able to drag a song, and
having it ask whether you want to add the Artist/Album/Genre/Just this
song/whetever might be nice.

Also a couple of questions about the development branch that someone
might know the answer to:

1) Is not being able to rate songs by clicking in the entry view widget
(library/playlist) supposed to happen? (I'm guessing it would have to
be, but I was more wondering why)

2) Does tag editing work at all? I passed the configure option, but I
haven't seen anywhere you can edit them (i.e. the properties dialog). I
know this is [probably] still under development so don't expect much.

I'm sure you all have notice that I use automatic playlist a bit (only a
tiny bit... really... trust me :)


James "Doc" Livingston 
In God we Trust. All others must submit an X.509 certificate.

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