Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My Rhythmbox Hacking ToDo

Le vendredi 25 mars 2005 à 15:55 +1100, James Livingston a écrit :

> 1) Is not being able to rate songs by clicking in the entry view widget
> (library/playlist) supposed to happen? (I'm guessing it would have to
> be, but I was more wondering why)

Should be fixed in my playbin branch iirc

> 2) Does tag editing work at all? I passed the configure option, but I
> haven't seen anywhere you can edit them (i.e. the properties dialog). I
> know this is [probably] still under development so don't expect much.

You should be able to edit tags from the song property dialog, but it
only works for mp3 and flac atm, maybe you tried with ogg ?

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