Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My Rhythmbox Hacking ToDo

Le vendredi 25 mars 2005 à 15:55 +1100, James Livingston a écrit :
> G'day everyone,

> I'm planning to start having a go at some of this in the next few days
> so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/whetever let me know. Especially
> any of the following
> 1) Someone has done this and I forgot/didn't know about it
> 2) Reasons why it isn't a good idea, or better ideas on how to do
> something
> 3) Any ideas that you have for future features that might affect how I
> should go about any of them.

> * Allowing you to have more complicated playlist conditions than a
> simple A and B and C, or A or B or C. I don't think it'd be that hard to
> do, but designing a UI that makes sense could be very difficult. A
> possible simpler version could allow conditions of the type "Is in
> playlist A" and "Isn't in playlist B"; although this could lead to nastyto make 
> circular references (urgh).
You could use indentation in the widget:

Songs that are [either|...]     [Add condition]
	[rated|...] [over|...] [3]
	or [by|...] [morcheeba] ("contains" can be the default)
	or [both|...]            [add condition]
		[by|...] [jay jay johanson]
		and [not|...] [named|...] [on the radio]

Or you could just accept a natural syntax (and i18n it):
rated over 3 OR by Morcheeba OR (by jay jay johanson AND NOT named on
the radio)
With an example it would be easy to understand, and faster than a UI.


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