Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] My Rhythmbox Hacking ToDo

> * Allowing you to have more complicated playlist conditions than a
> simple A and B and C, or A or B or C. I don't think it'd be that hard to
> do, but designing a UI that makes sense could be very difficult. A
> possible simpler version could allow conditions of the type "Is in
> playlist A" and "Isn't in playlist B"; although this could lead to nasty
> circular references (urgh).

Best place to find inspiration for the ui I'd say is the filter editor
of Evolution. It is used for pretty much the same task, only mail
instead of songs.

> * Allowing you to drag an Artist/Album/Genre into an automatic playlist,
> and have it ask you whether you want to add it as a criteria (this makes
> less sense with "And" playlists). Also being able to drag a song, and
> having it ask whether you want to add the Artist/Album/Genre/Just this
> song/whetever might be nice.

This functionality was available in 0.8.5 (If i remember correctly. Not
quite sure about which version it was) but was removed/stopped working
in the next version.

> 2) Does tag editing work at all? I passed the configure option, but I
> haven't seen anywhere you can edit them (i.e. the properties dialog). I
> know this is [probably] still under development so don't expect much.

Works for me.

Jonatan Magnusson <jonatan pnx se>
Phoenix Data

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