Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 01:58:40PM +1100, James Livingston wrote:

[behaviour of the 'previous' button]

> For simple situations the previous button makes sense. Creating a small
> and consistant list of what it does in complex situations, without heaps
> of exceptions for corner cases, could be fairly difficult. I'll be
> buggered if I can.

That's why I'm satisfied with just having it go backwards through the
play order within the current library or playlist.  At least it'll never
do anything weird or confusing; it'll just be mildly irritating when it
doesn't do exactly what you want.

> The current version displays it all the time, which is good, but "show
> queue" and "hide queue" still are backwards. 

Interesting.. they're the right way around for me.

I had to change some code in the widgets subdirectory to get this right
(the disclosure widget had the labels switched in one place, but not
another), and I've had some problems with changes in there not being
picked up in partial rebuilds.  A full rebuild (make clean && make)
might help.

> Also putting the rest of
> what you had in the status bar there as well (either in the same place),
> or over to the right would probably be good; I can't see what else you'd
> use the space for, unless you put both disclosure triangle on the same
> line like Peter was suggesting.

Good idea.

> A couple of things I noticed when play around with it (mostly trying to
> break things by playing around with adding things and the next button).
> 1) You can't double click on a queue entry to start playing it. You
> might want this if you have one song in the queue playing, and decide
> you want another in the queue to go first. Also my default behaviour to
> add things to the queue then play them is to add a couple of songs and
> then double click on the first one, rather than adding them and then
> pressing next/play.

I disabled double clicking on queued songs because I didn't know what it
should do - it came up somewhere else in this thread.  I think for now
it should move the selected song to the start of the queue.

> 2) Pressing Next while play a not-last song from the queue doesn't
> remove it, this behaviour is fine for me (other people may think
> differently), but leads to the next one:

It should be being removed.  I think in general, if a new song is
played, the current playing song should be removed from the queue.

> 3) The queue displays the same columns as the main library/playlist (as
> set in the preferences) but doesn't use the same widths. On one hand I'd
> expect it to use whatever I have in the main bit by default, but on the
> other hand some people may want to change them separately (I don't, but
> it would be more annoying for them if you couldn't).

The column widths aren't synchronised beteen entry views.  No one has
noticed before because no one has seen two entry views on the screen at
the same time before.  I might have a look at this, but seeing how the
columns behave when you resize them, I don't think I want to know what's
going on in there..

> Also a bug report for the 0.9 devel branch (it occurs with the non-queue
> version too): about 50% of the time Rhythmbox will crash after it has
> finished refreshing the library. It never crashes while running under
> gdb however (making getting a backtrace more difficult), I'll see if I
> can get one tonight.

If this is the same crash I'm seeing every now and then 
('assertion failed: (rhythmdb_get_readonly (db) == FALSE)'), 
it looks like a threading issue.  Fun.  I don't get it nearly as often
as you say you do, though.. are you on an SMP machine?

Thanks for your comments.


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