Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

Thanks for your interest, James. Hope you are the one to get the $220.

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 01:44:58 +1100, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:
> Every time this idea comes up it degenerates into a discussion about the
> best UI; this dies off and then nothing gets done. I think that a) it's
> as good as anything else and b)if we have it implemented people can use
> it, and then argue about the UI afterwards.

I know that, I had a look at the mailing list archives. That's why I
decided to get money involved in the issue so things work my way. :) I
know it's a little selfish, but it's better than just arguing about
the idea for another couple of years.

> This could be added after the main play-queue bit is done, but I think
> that showing the last N (~3) song played and the current one in the list
> is a good idea. I'd use this because after listening to a good song, I
> suddenly think "Which song was that? I should rate it up" and have to
> stop the next song, and press previous to find out. Getting your parts
> implemented first is more important though.

This sounds good, kind of like Party Shuffle in iTunes, but without
automatically queueing up new songs. However, it is no longer a queue,
it's more like a multi-purpose queue/history panel. Any comments on
the way we should implement that UI-wise?

Also, I'm not really sure if the queue panel should be above the track
list or below it. Any reasoning why either position is better?


Peter Schimdt

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