Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 14:54 +0000, Ed Mack wrote:
> > This is the biggie, playlists are one of those things that some people
> > use and some people don't. I use them a fair bit, and if changing
> > playlists was harder than it currently is I would find it annoying.
> Having more bars would be very annoying, as would removing the playlist
> selector. So why not have a 'Queued Songs'/'Jukebox' source on the left,
> beneath library? To queue a song, just drop it there like for playlists.

That's the other option that most people think would work. I think (and
several other people on the list do too) that it is the best option
because the most obvious (well to me anyway) way of implementing the
queue basically makes it a playlist anyway. From what I've heard that is
basically the UI for iTunes' Party Shuffle.

As I said in one of the other emails, the important thing is to get it
working, and then someone will probably port it to the other UI option
and we can see which is best by actually using it.

> Then when viewing that source, you have the whole window, so having the
> last 10 played songs greyed out isn't a big deal anymore. It leaves room
> for later enhancements too.

Thats the other really good point for making the queue into a Source.

> I also would like to see the source being played from highlighted, but
> that's not vital. The jukebox could be greyed out when empty too.

I think (from the quick play I had with my compile-from-arch) that in
the 0.9 development branch, the playlist that is being played from has a
playing icon next to it.


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