[Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

Hi all,

I'm announcing a $200 bounty for a play queue in Rhythmbox. The first
person to check in play queue support or at lease provide an Arch
branch will receive $200 via PayPal at the address he specifies.

Here are the specifications:

The queue window should be an expandable panel, just like the Browser
panel. When collapsed, the label should say "Queue (X tracks)" if
there are any tracks queued or just "Queue". When expanded, the queue
panel should look just like the library table, showing the same
columns as the library table. The queue should only be about 4 rows
tall, but should be resizable with a sash.

When Rhythmbox is picking which song to play next (either when the
Next button is clicked or when the current song finishes), it should
always check the queue first. If there are songs in the queue, the top
song should be played and it should be removed from the queue. When
the queue is empty, the next song should be picked the way it's picked
now, following shuffle/repeat/etc. logic.

Songs should be able to be queued through a menu option in the popup
menu of each track, by pressing Ctrl+Enter or by dragging a song to
the queue panel. Queueing a song with the menu option or the key
shortcut should put it in the end of the queue, while dragging to the
queue panel should put it wherever the song is dropped.

If the queue is empty when a track is added, the queue panel should be
expanded. When the last track in the queue starts, the queue panel
should be collapsed. Tracks in the queue should be rearrangable, just
like they are in playlists. Dragging a song from the queue to the
library view should delete the song from the queue.

The queue panel should be visible and effective in all playlists, not
just in the Library.

If you have any questions, let me know. I'm also available in
#rhythmbox on freenode. My nick is nomad-.

Happy hacking,

Peter Schmidt

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