Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

> This is the biggie, playlists are one of those things that some people
> use and some people don't. I use them a fair bit, and if changing
> playlists was harder than it currently is I would find it annoying.

Having more bars would be very annoying, as would removing the playlist
selector. So why not have a 'Queued Songs'/'Jukebox' source on the left,
beneath library? To queue a song, just drop it there like for playlists.

Then when viewing that source, you have the whole window, so having the
last 10 played songs greyed out isn't a big deal anymore. It leaves room
for later enhancements too.

I also would like to see the source being played from highlighted, but
that's not vital. The jukebox could be greyed out when empty too.

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