Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI comments on merge branch

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 23:01 +0200, Baptiste Mille-Mathias wrote:
> Perhaps each component should disappear if not used (no queue if no
> songs were added to it, and no cover widget, if no cover found); and
> in that case one keybinding could be used to hide the whole sidebar ?

Originally the cover widget did disappear when no art was found. The
problem is that the widget will continually appear, and then disappear,
causing the other sidebar widgets to resize. This isn't good because a)
it's disconcerting and b) it's probably against some part of the HIG.

On a side note, I just thought about the patch to preserve the aspect
ratio of the cover art. I haven't looked at it, but it might start
resizing the cover widget again (which may, or may not be a problem).

> There is problem when I remains only the cover widget [2]. not really
> beautiful. :(

Yeah, it's ugly. When I first posted the patch I used RB's album icon as
a temporary piece of placeholder art. I was hoping someone with some
artistic skill (I have none) might be able to whip something up. If
someone does feel like doing it - SVG would be good, because it will get

> Onother thing is the cover picture is not resized smoothly when I
> resize the sidebar; furthermore it has a strange behaviour on the main
> RB window.

This is because the cover is reloaded from the file whenever the size
changes, which is continually when you are resizing the sidebar. What it
probably a good idea is to keep the original image in memory, and resize
it synchronously.

> On 6/5/05, Oliver Lemke <olemke core-dump info> wrote:
> > This brings in the question of discoverability. How should a user know
> > that songs added to this source take precedence in the play order?
> > And I really like to have the queue always visible to be able to add
> > songs from the library by dnd anywhere into the queue.
> I don't understand why if the queue is in the source list, that will
> change the behaviour and the visibility from the user point. In that
> case, it simplify the UI and make the queue viewable in the same time
> as the souce list.

If you want to read the whole debate(s) look in the archives, but to

* One side wants it as a source, but can see some good points to having
  it in the main UI.
* The other side wants it in the main UI, but can see some good points
  for having it as a source
* There are two use cases for using the queue. Which one you mostly use
  will pretty much determine which side you are on.
* Basically everyone agrees that having both, or having it an option,
  will lead to horrible usability issues.

If anyone is going to comment on this, please read the older threads
first - we probably don't need the same arguments all over again. That
said, if you do have something *new* to say, feel free to do so.


James "Doc" Livingston 
But never forget that the original Dilbert strips were nature studies.
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