Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UI comments on merge branch

On 6/5/05, Oliver Lemke <olemke core-dump info> wrote:
> Hi,
> > - I used to hide the Soucelist, now I add to press CTRL+L, Ctrl+U and
> > Ctrl+K to hope the sidebar disappear, and it's even not the case [1].
> > - Correct the blank left side when no widget is displayed [1]
> That's a bug. :-) I'll add a fix.
Ok fixed, but make disappear the sidebar requiers 3 shortcuts :-(
Perhaps each component should disappear if not used (no queue if no
songs were added to it, and no cover widget, if no cover found); and
in that case one keybinding could be used to hide the whole sidebar ?
There is problem when I remains only the cover widget [2]. not really
beautiful. :(
Onother thing is the cover picture is not resized smoothly when I
resize the sidebar; furthermore it has a strange behaviour on the main
RB window.

> > - the cover in the album field should not be in that place, it bring
> > useless white space when there no cover, and duplicate the cover
> > displayed on the left side. (see next step)
> > - Display the cover of the selected album at the cover widget on the
> > left side. Perhaps as itunes do it.
> > - Remove the picture on the cover when there is no cover.
> First, if you don't like having the covers in the album list, you can
> turn them off in the preferences. 
Ok, but could the height of each album name could be reduced the normal [2] ?
> I don't think it is a duplication
> having the covers in the album list and in the sidebar as it serves
> different purposes. It is much easier for the user to recognize an album
> by seeing the cover instead of just having a long list of album names. I
> guess the eyes are more responsive to pictures than text.
Each user has it's point of view I think. I prefer text, specialy for
such small pictures.

> This brings in the question of discoverability. How should a user know
> that songs added to this source take precedence in the play order?
> And I really like to have the queue always visible to be able to add
> songs from the library by dnd anywhere into the queue.
I don't understand why if the queue is in the source list, that will
change the behaviour and the visibility from the user point. In that
case, it simplify the UI and make the queue viewable in the same time
as the souce list.
> The link doesnt' work.

> Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for your comments.
Thank you.

Globally, I just want you to understand I don't reject features, but I
like to see them better integrated. :)
Baptiste Mille-Mathias

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