Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic Playlist UI work

G'day everyone,

Yet another update for people to look at, and a question to the people
who have a better understand of Rhythmbox's internals than me. Also I've
chucked a screenshot up for anyone who is interested at
which shows me using Playcount, Durantion and the "at most" operator
(the song of length 2:24 isn't there, but the 4:31 song is).

I've added Duration to the list of supported properties, it makes the
dialog a little bit wider, but not that much (hopefully). It's also has
gotten two new options in the numeric comparison list "at least" and "at
most" (>= and <=respectively) which I find useful for things like
rating, although they might want better names.

Another new thing is that I've added the widgets at to the bottom to
support sorting, they don't do anything yet and the list of properties
to sort by is empty. But you can see the gist of the layout.

On to my development question: the library supports sorting by storing
the preference in a gconf key, it would be fairly trivial to let
playlists do the same by storing their sort order in a key based on the
playlists id. The other option is to add to the EntryView to take a
playlist id as well as the name of a gconf key, and if the key name is
set to null use the playlist id (assuming it isn't set to null) and have
some code parallel to the gconf code dealing with storing it in the
playlist definition.

I'm favouring the latter, because it keeps the playlist info together
and doesn't go around polluting the gconf database, but it will be more
difficult the the couple of lines of code the former would be. Which do
you guys think is the best?

James "Doc" Livingston 
see, the roof falling on me is the least of my problems here, 
the whole building going from |^| to /^/ to ___ is my problem 
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