[Rhythmbox-devel] Automatic Playlist UI work

G'day everyone,

I've had a play around with adding various bits to the Automatic
Playlist UI - basically things that are (mostly) supported by the code,
but you can't get to from the playlist editor. Currently I'm looking at
a) adding the extra fields (duration, play count, etc) and b) sorting
automatic playlists.

For the extra properties it looks fairly simple - add some entries to
property_options in rb-query-creator.c, add a bit of support code for
things that are properly supported yet (i.e. properties that are ulongs)
and any necessary editing widgets. If I'm wrong and it's more
complicated I'm sure someone me know.

The big decision is which properties to export in the UI; below is a
list of all the current properties and whether I think they should be
shown, please comment on whether you agree or not.

Title, Artist, Album and Genre: already present, I think they're fine

Rating: already present, could add greater-than-or-equal and LE to the
options (my >= 3 stars playlist currently read >2 stars)

Play Count, Release Date(year), Last played: useful, should be added

Duration: may be of use), probably add

First seen: allows newly added tracks playlist.

Track and Disc number: I doubt I'd use them, maybe other would?

Track/Album gain and peak: I don't think so

Filesize, Mime-type, Location and Mount Point, Auto-rate, Last seen: I
don't really think so (although maybe mount-point could be useful)

Bitrate: Not very useful (especially for .oggs or VBR mp3s, etc)

Modification time: not exactly sure what defines modification (file
modification? external metadata modification?), don't think it would be
of too much use.

I'm not too sure on how to represent the time-based properties (last
played, time added, etc). Evolution's (2.2) filter on date thing is
really nice, but *way* to complicated; would anyone use these for
something other than "within the last N <time-unit>s"?

For the sorting of Automatic Playlists, a drop-down list at the bottom
of the editor would do (with all the properties that are included as
available) in ascending or descending; but being able to click on
columns (a la the library) would be good. I'm not sure what the default
should be, but anything would have to be better than the "whatever it
feels like" order you get at the moment.


James "Doc" Livingston 
In God we Trust. All others must submit an X.509 certificate.

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